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Monday, December 05, 2005

. . missing him . .

Bae Wave kinda slowed down these past weeks since his last event in China, you can really tell that everyone everywhere is really missing him a whole lot as they are reposting his old pics, vidz and such.

I am, too, missing him a whole lot, hmm.. but I'm still pretty ok with it. I mean, we all knew it takes a whole lot of patience being his fan to wait for his next work to come out so I'm kinda.. trained.. haha! We all went 'berserk' the moment he had any events.. haha! So now during his 'hibernation' period, this is a good time to dig out all pics and vidz collected, slowly arranged them absorbing and recalling every moment that happened during his events, allowing me to appreciate each and every one.

Currently I'm also reading up the above book on Yong Joon and mind you, it's in Chinese! I never/seldom read Chinese books or newspaper and my dad always nagged me on this. But for Yong Joon... I actually read up this book, slowly but steadily.. hehe! I can say, for him.. hmm to be more precise, for Korean dramas, my Chinese actually improved a lot as I had to read the subtitles if I want to listen to the original audio.

About the book, I've learnt quite a few new things about him and the events happened during his acting days. One of which was when they were shooting Winter Sonata. They discovered a gruesome scene where a man hanged himself in an abandoned building which they were planning to shoot a scene. Freaked him and Choi Ji Woo so much, CJW refused to shoot further.

I wish to complete this book soon as I can't wait to discover more new stuffs about him. I think there are lotsa more of such books, but mostly in Japanese.. *sob* Wish I can read Japanese language.. *pout*


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