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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

. . juz how crazy I am . .

Thoughts: Juz how crazy am I over him?

Firstly, is that I created a blog juz on him, juz for him and also my friends who loves him!

Dreamt of him twice, meeting him and able to get up close and personal with him! Very close actually.. haha! Don't think THAT far hor! I literally can feel myself getting all excited with my heart thumping so far even though I'm sleeping! That feeling of 'meeting' him still lingers in me till now!

Buy 3 mags every week, 8 days, I-weekly and U-weekly, always remember which days which new issue of mag is released. I never can ever remember that before.

Eagerly flip every pages to check if there's any news abt him (though I've already obtained almost every single updated news on him from the net forums) and felt very at ease and sometimes secretly beaming with a slight smile on my face when there are news on him (that happened today when reading I-weekly).

The moment I read from forum that Monday's (25/10/04) life section has his news on The Image, I asked Steven to wait on the phone for 15 mins while I searched the junk of old newspaper but realised Mum has used it as table tray for dinner yesterday.. *sulk*

Checked back my blog as many times as I am online to see his pics over and over and over again.

Arrange the collection of pics I've collected these past few months from sites all over and categorised them into folders for individual CFs (advertisements, according to seasons too. Eg. 4 seasons of Old & New catalogues each year), dramas.. etc. If found any stray pics which I cannot recognise, I will analyze according to the hairstyle, dressing.. etc and know where they belongs.

Has a thick folder of his mag articles (this is the reason why I buy those mags) plus the mags which has him in it. Sometimes specially bought these articles or mags from Yahoo auctions.

All 3 PCs that I owned (2 in office and 1 at home), has desktop wallpapers of him. 1 of the office PC has his screensaver. My previous seat in the office still has his newpaper cut-out on the cubicle board (Val should know which one, right?) and everyone knows who sat there before.. that is me!

Once at a Chinese book fair in Suntec, from a distance like 4 to 5 metres away, I spotted a faint image of Winter Sonata's pic at one of the CD stalls. Ran towards it to check it out with Steven, I was correct, really is Winter Sonata! Steven was like "wah, u like that also can spot it ah!"

Has more than 800MB of pics and more than 2GIG of videos of him in my harddisk and still increasing~!

My darling Steven juz told me he has Bae's news clipping of Monday's life section!! (Timestamp: 10:33PM) Ahh.. so lucky that he is quite tolerant to me on my obsession~! Love him sooo much! *muackz*


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