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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

. . paparazzi . .

[Chris: "That's the price you pay for fame, Yong Joon!" I'm sure many would be saying this to him when they read up this article. Can't say that I blamed the paparazzi for doing this to Yong Joon, they are just doing their job. We must ask ourselves, why did they work so hard to chase him to the core, causing such disturbances to Yong Joon and his personal privacy?

It really saddens me when I read of the things he tried to do to shake off those paparazzi, eg. changing lanes abruptly. Suddenly I'm reminded of what happened to Princess Diana and I really really really would not want to see him ended up like that. I'm really not against any fan and their craziness towards Yong Joon. I, myself, is guilty as charged as I often whined over when will I be able to see him and stuff..

That's the price of fame, Yong Joon. There is really nothing much that can be done except to hope that you will take extra extra precaution of your health and safety because the price of fame is absolutely incomparable to the price of losing you. ]

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"(I never thought) I would be harrassed with paparazzi in Korea also...", Perplexed top star BYJ [Good Day] 3/18/06

Translated & Posted in BYJ Quilt by Joanne
Kwon Ohkyeong posted this on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

Top star BYJ is harrassed with 'Korean version of paparazzi'.

Nowadays, BYJ is in the state of entering into count-down on second for the resumption of acting activity with fantasy epic drama 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi'.
He is busy with preparation for acting including character analysis & practice on martial arts along with body building which is reaching at the very end, and CF shooting, etc,

Then, recently there are unidentified people who are stealthily following by cars where BYJ moves. At a recent interview, BYJ unveiled, "Nowadays, when I move driving my car, I would discover 2~3 cars which always follows me. It never misses to follow me wherever I go, when I go to exercise or when I come home."

Following on BYJ showed a bit bitterness saying, "Although I have met paparazzi who would take photos following exactly the movement line I was moving when I went out to foreign countries like Japan or Hong Kong, I have not thought if I ever meet shadowing paparazzi in Korea like in foreign countries."

Although the majority of entertainers are the same, BYJ is particulary is one of stars who extremely avoid unveiling private life, friends or family, and home, etc. other than acting activities. It is never a welcoming thing to meet uninvited guests who follow him anywhere he goes like those in none other place than in Korea.

BYJ told, "Fortunately, I tends to have a quicker sense than other people, I have been avoiding the places quickly when I sensed if they watched me secretely with camera lenses from somewhere or there is hint of taking photos stealthily. Although I have not had a big problem thanks to that, despite of that, I do not feel very pleasantly about the fact that there are people who are shadowing behind me."

Due to that, BYJ, when he moves by cars, is willingly submit to trouble of changing lanes abruptly or detouring via wrong places to shake off such shadowers.

BYJ nearly had to stay in lodging due to hot enthusiasm from local fans and media who wanted to see or gather news on him, when he went to overseas for fan meeting events or opening of films. Now, he is suffering bitter insults of paying attention on cameras which might be somewhere even in Korea where he lives.

Reported by Kim Jaebeom,oldfild@gooddayi.com
Copyrights ⓒ Goodday


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