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Thursday, March 16, 2006

. . the wait is over . .

New picture new picture~!!!

Can you believe I'm literally shaking, giggling and typing this entry out! First reaction when seeing this picture, giggling. Giggling because of happiness, giggling because he looked so cute, love his hair, love his face, love the way he look with his cool sunglasses! That is the after effect from missing Yong Joon too much.. hee!

Yep, he does look pretty puffed up, all for the sake of his role as a King! Can't expect a King to look all skinny and weak looking, right? Poor Yong Joon, for every single role he had to play, he has to work hard to get into the figure to fit that role, his body has to be as flexible as a rubber band! I hope such roller-coaster rides to his body won't affect his health too much!

Ahh.. I'm so excited of what is going to come in the next few months!!


At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I don't really like his long hair. I see he gains some weight but still looks cute. I miss him too. Can't wait for his new project.


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