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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

. . shooting starts . .

[Chris: Received this wonderful news from Gaulsan in Quilt! The wait is finally over!!! Can't wait to see Yong Joon in period clothes again!]

Great King and Four Gods starts shooting on 16th
Source: Yonhap News, Lee Ki Seung, 2006.3.15
Korean to English translation by Gaulsan
Posted in BYJ's Quilt

The shooting of "Taewang Sashin Gi", the drama of Great King Kwang-Gae-To will start tomorrow at Jeju Island Myosanbong Tourist Area.

According to the officials of Jeju Island, the ceremony wishing for success will be held at noon at ¹¦»êºÀ °ü±¤Áö±¸(Myosanbong Tourist area), and shooting will start right after the ceremony.

About 100 people including the director, writer, actors including the main charactor BYJ, staff, and Kim Tae Wan(minister of Jeju Island), etc. will attend this ceremony.

GKFG is written by Song Ji Na, and the director is Kim Jong Hak, who worked together in Sandglass and '¿©¸íÀÇ ´«µ¿ÀÚ'.

The first scene is BYJ playing Kyuk-Gu (Korean style polo). Jung Jin Young, Choi Min Soo are appearing in this scene, too.

This drama will be shot till September, and will be broadcasted domestically and worldwide as 24 series.

The producing company is building a shooting set for this drama at Myosanbong area.



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